Can I lay laminate flooring on top of carpet?

The answer is a clear “no!”. Although at first glance it may seem a good idea to install laminate over carpeting, there are a number of good reasons not to―regardless of whether it is high-pile or low-pile, Persian style or flokati:

  1. Carpets become uneven as frequently used walking paths are pushed down by passing feet. High-pile carpeting is especially prone to this, but low-pile products also have a certain amount of play and can be permanently compressed as a result. In these places, the laminate would then too much play and is likely to warp. This unevenness also spells trouble for the joints of snap-together laminate flooring, as they then need to withstand greater forces than would be the case if the panels were completely level.
  2. Dust and mites naturally accumulate in carpets, which normally isn’t a problem as they can simply be hoovered out. But after covering them with laminate flooring, it is no longer possible to remove them. This can pose problems for persons with allergies.
  3. The laminate can entrap moisture in the carpet, creating ideal conditions for mildew and mould to develop.
  4. It’s a myth that carpet can replace underlays to reduce impact sound. It is far better to use high-quality insulation which is specifically designed for best results with laminate flooring.

The moral of the story: carefully check whether your substrate is suitable for laminate flooring or if you should pre-treat it to make sure that you will enjoy your laminate for a long time to come! Damage caused by incorrect installation or unsuitable substrates is also excluded from the warranty.