Checklist: Laying Laminate Flooring: What to Keep in Mind

An overview of the eight most important rules for successfully laying laminate flooring:

  1. Make sure that the conditions in the room and the properties of the laminate (stresses, moisture etc.) are a good match. Learn more about decors with moisture protection and extremely water-repellent decors
  2. Calculate how much laminate you will need and buy it (and don’t forget matching skirting board!)
  3. Make sure that the substrate is suitable: it should be level, dry, solid and clean. Level out any unevenness.
  4. Make sure that there is enough space between the surface of the installed laminate and doors so they can be easily closed (taking the underlay into account). If necessary, shave material off the undersides of the doors.
  5. Lay a suitable vapour barrier and insulation for reducing impact sound.
  6. When laying the laminate, leave sufficiently large gaps at the walls, and insert expansion joints in large rooms. and more information on wall gaps and expansion joints
  7. Use transition and compensation profiles where different floors meet.
  8. Install appropriate skirting boards. Please attach them only to the wall, not to the laminate.