HERRINGBONE - Uttery Classic Elegance Reinterpreted

They really exist - timelessly beautiful things that exude a magnetic attraction wherever they happen to be in the world.

Our HERRINGBONE collection injects the timeless elegance of Art Deco into modern life. Nine mesmerising d├ęcors open up myriad decorative possibilities: light and dark, dark and smoky or shiny honey-yellow. The dance of colours in the HERRINBONE floorings is all-embracing and seductive.

In addition to exquisite designs, our new, classically elegant floors feature a clever laying technique which is made possible by our dedicated new HERRINGBONE production line. Two differently configured panels fit together in traditional fishbone patterns. Laying them calls for a modicum of skill, but can be managed by a practised DIYer. Our service for customers includes a flooring guide chockfull of useful information and a how-to film.

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